IT&C infrastructure AUDIT

WHAT IS IT&C infrastructure AUDIT

Did your business expand, and you consider that the IT&C infrastructure is no longer adapted to the needs of your company? IT&C Audit offers a clear image of the role that the IT&C services and equipment play at the level of your company. The IT&C Audit identifies the issues in your company IT&C infrastructure and their implications at the business level.The whole Audit process aims for improving the efficiency and productivity of your company. It does this by materializing a set of technical recomandations designed for your company IT&C infrastructure. We belive that the first step in solving a problem is to identify it. Just because things worked fine this way it’s not a guaranty that they will continue to do so in the near future.

How we do things

The IT & C infrastructure audit service offered by Innowateam is a complex process, which takes place in several stages:


The Meeting

First we meet and you will help us to understand your business model and the size of your company


The Inventory

We do a detailed inventory of all the hardware and software resources that belong to your company


The Audit

Through an permanently open communication channel with your company, we provide a detailed IT&C report

  • Helps us have a better understanding of your business model
  • Helps us better adapt to the size of your company
  • Determining the company’s IT&C workflow and data stream: applications data stream (client – server), user data stream (messages and files exchange, group work), clients and partners data stream, authorities and public institutions data stream
  • Identifying your company’s decisions making process and its data flow
  • Determining essential/critical data necessary for ensuring activity continuity in your company
  • Identifying essential/critical infrastructure necessary for ensuring activity continuity in your company
  • Identifying the proper solution for capturing and storing the critical data of your company (local servers, cloud)
  • Identifying the proper security policies in regard to data backup and critical data recovery and all the necessary equipment for these policies
  • Identifying data redundancy policies and company’s critical infrastructure
  • Inventory of user data security policies and mechanisms (authentications, security policies, antivirus, antimalware, ransomware protection, cyber-attack protection, etc.)
  • Inventory of additional client data security policies and mechanisms (physical security, encryption, gdpr, etc.)
  • Inventory of data services used by the it&c infrastructure (internet services, vpn services, dial-in/dial-up links, etc.) and their technical parameters (speed, latency, maximum capacity)
  • Inventory of the voice services contracted by the company
  • Determining the company equipment usage policies (laptops, phones, tablets) and the existence of byod policies (bring your own device)
  • Determining the technical documentations and the user instructions of the IT&C equipment
  • Inventory of technical problems and equipment gaps reported by the company employees
  • Determining employees’ level of proficiency in using the company equipment and software
  • Determining employees’ level of proficiency in dealing with cyber-threats (malware, fishing, vishing, social engineering, etc.)