We are a modern high-tech company that thrives on innovation and the quality of solutions, services and products. An important percent of our annual net revenue goes into research and development, so that we can offer our customers future-oriented solutions, services and products

We, at Innowateam Solutions, understand that information technology and telecommunication systems are a complex and in continuous change environment. An organization IT&C ecosystem is composed of numerous hardware devices and systems that in turn support the software resources of the organization. With daily updates and upgrades required along, and the continuous influx of new software and technologies, it’s important for the organization to be able to manage all this complexity. These unpredictable changes can put a real pressure on the organization’s main resources: budget and time and experience.

Our vision

Future-oriented solutions, services & products

In today resource-constrained IT&C environments, unlike most of IT&C suppliers in the market, we take it upon ourselves to engineer customized solutions, services and products for our clients, each one unique and customized to boost productivity, revenue and profit.
To ensure that the products offered are of the highest quality, our services include planning, project management, integration, installation, hardware, software and high quality service – each step coupled by consultations from industry professionals, paired with the best technology today.
So, as a result, the solutions, services and products that we offer are of the highest quality, but also highly cost effective. At a price that delivers outstanding value for the money, each of our future-oriented solution, service or product provides the perfect combination of great functionality and high reliability, together with ease of use and installment.